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Salute to Style: Honoring Our Armed Forces with
Patriotic Prints!

Celebrate the heroes in your life with Patriotic Quilts, Decor and Apparel! Wrap yourself in the Spirit of America with this Exclusive Tribute Collection designed by Vicki Gifford for Riley Blake Fabrics.

Pickleball Champ!

Join the Pickleball Craze: Make a Statement with these
quirky designs! Serve up some fun with Pickleball-inspired gifts from Courtney Morgensterns new fabric collection from P&B Textiles! Any Pickleball enthusiast will love!

America the Beautiful

Deck Out Your Summer Style with vibrant and versatile America the Beautiful Prints from Loni Harris for P&B Textiles. Perfect for the little princesses! Get these 4th of July vibes before they are gone!

Beautiful fabric swatches in bright pinks and turquoise.  Everyday Magic fabric colleciton.
Fabric swatches of butterflies, flowers and harlequin prints in pretty light turquoise and corals.  A Heart Led Life Kelly Rae Roberts.
Rolls of fabric in bright spring colors of pink, turquoise and yellow.  Santa Monica fabric collection.
Beautiful batik looking prints in rich tones of blue, brown and purple.  Serenity by Dan Morris.
Arrr Matey check this out!

Enchanted Seas

Dive into a whimsical world of mermaids and pirates with Sally Walsh's designs!
The block panel features lovely mermaids and pirates that will bring a touch of magic to any room. So be yourself, unless
you can be a mermaid, then definitely be a mermaid! Don't be a guppy,
snag these ethereal designs now!

Ziggie Lane Gift Cards

Crush gift-giving with the Ziggie Lane Fabric Gift Card! Whether you
want to score major points or just give the perfect gift every time, our
gift card has got you covered. Say goodbye to gifting stress and hello
to endless possibilities.

Ziggie Lane Fabric

6277 CR 333
Jonesboro, AR 72401


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Picture of beautiful pastel floral fabric with skates sitting on top of a panel with skates and flowers.